Weekend weather: New heatwave brings all kind of warnings

With the government already declaring a state of public calamity due to continuing high temperatures and extreme drought in many areas, the forecast for the weekend is “keep your hat on” – the next few days are going to be ‘really hot’.

Warnings in place range from any kind of behaviour that could provoke a fire, to staying hydrated and out of the height of the midday sun unless lathered in protection.

In the Algarve, temperatures range from the Sotavento to the Barlavento, with areas of Costa Vicentina being beautifully bearable with light breezes.

The overall picture is around 34-35ºC in the eastern Algarve, 25-27ºC in the west, while the centre of the country is on track for temperatures hitting 40ºC, and the north slightly less (between 34ºC – 38ºC).

Fire risk levels in the centre and north remain at ‘extreme’ and ‘very high’, while most of the Algarve is at ‘extreme’ level, with only a few coastal boroughs classified with ‘very high’ and ‘elevated’ risks.

This new heatwave is expected to last until next Wednesday, and has seen pneumologists also warn of the “serious impacts” of smoke in the atmosphere on people with respiratory problems and prone to asthma.

But if you’re a wild boar, the best option this weekend is shake off that habitual shyness and join the crowds on the beach, as our photo from Setúbal’s Praia dos Galapinhos shows.

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