Weekend weather: Heat returns on Sunday and don’t forget to look up for the shooting stars!

After a much-needed period of rain, meteorologists are forecasting another bout of hot and dry weather starting next Sunday (October 22) with temperatures near the 30ºC mark in many parts of the country.

The warm weather is due to continue until Wednesday, according to Portugal’s sea and atmosphere institute (IPMA).

The start of the weekend will still be gloomy, however, with rain expected especially in the centre and north of Portugal.

Hopes are that skies will clear up, if only to see the shooting stars expected this weekend thanks to debris from Halley’s Comet.

The annual Orionid meteor shower will be visible starting on Saturday night (October 21), and can be seen until November 7 according to Lisbon’s Astronomical Observatory.

To view the natural phenomenon, the observatory recommends secluded spots with the darkest skies.

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