Weekend weather: goodbye rain, hello chilly weather

Weekend weather: goodbye rain, hello chilly weather

Portugal’s rainy weather is expected to make way for a bout of cold starting this Saturday, according to the latest weather forecasts.

Temperatures are set to begin dropping gradually over the next few days, with Faro expecting lows of 11ºC this Friday, falling to 9ºC on Monday and possibly 6ºC on Wednesday.

Minimum temperatures will be even lower elsewhere, dropping to 5ºC in Portugal’s two biggest cities, Lisbon and Porto. And maximum temperatures are unlikely to top 16ºC and 17ºC anywhere in the country.

It may even snow in some of the country’s highest peaks, such as Serra da Estrela, which is expecting minimums of -4ºC on Sunday.

The silver lining, at least for some, will be that the sun will be reappearing next week.

For more forecasts, visit the official website of Portugal’s Sea and Atmosphere Institute.


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