Weekend weather: August is here! Is it? Rain expected this weekend

August is here, and so should the sun and warm weather… right? Not according to this weekend’s weather forecasts which predict mild temperatures, cloudy skies and possibly rain all across the country – even in the usually sunny Algarve!
According to the Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA), Saturday is expected to be the ‘greyest’ day of the weekend with “very cloudy skies in the North and Centre and partly cloudy skies in the South”.
Maximum temperatures are not expected to exceed the 25ºC mark, except in the inland areas of the Alentejo. The Algarve and the west coast are expecting maximum temperatures between 20ºC and 25ºC, while in Lisbon and Porto they will most likely remain under 23ºC and 21ºC.
On Sunday, the sky will continue to be covered by clouds “until the end of the afternoon” and “rain may fall in the North and Centre as well as the West Coast”.
The good news – temperatures should gradually increase by around 2ºC to 3ºC across the country.
IPMA predicts the weather will continue to improve throughout next week, with warmer temperatures and cloud-free skies.