Weekend Weather advice: Stay in bed!

It has been a freezing week, with new snowfall recorded – albeit very briefly – in the Algarve (Monchique) and lots of snow in northern areas, along with hail, sheets of rain and wind in some areas that has driven populations to despair.

The worst of Portugal’s ‘spring weather’ is that it is set to continue, warn meteorologists, with “intense cold and rain” persisting into next week.

Yellow alerts are in place for northern areas, while temperatures everywhere are dismal.

The Algarve is the best place to be, but even there temperatures are unlikely to pass 14ºC and rain is an apparently immovable feature.

Saturday is likely to see the occasional burst of sunshine, but images for Sunday on IPMA (institute of sea and atmosphere) website suggest the best place for many may be to stay tucked up in bed, or at least beside a raging fire.