IT APPEARS that this weekend the heavy rain will subside slightly, with a few sunny spells expected. However, the rain is expected to continue until Monday.

Temperatures in the west around Sagres will be favourable, with highs of 16°C throughout the weekend and lows of 12°C and 14°C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Similar temperatures are expected towards the east, around Faro, with highs of 16°C and 15°C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Temperatures are likely to dip to around 12°C on Saturday and 13°C on Sunday.

The rain will continue to pour throughout the weekend, with heavy showers expected to continue for the next couple of days.

There will be a moderate easterly wind blowing throughout the weekend and ocean temperatures will be 19°C on Saturday and Sunday. Waves are expected to be between one and 1.5 metres high in the northwest of the Algarve, by Vila do Bispo and Aljezur, as well as around the Faro area.

Looking to the coming week, average daytime temperatures will be around 17°C but the temperature is expected to dip below 10°C. The rain should have abated by Tuesday, so Christmas Day may be partly sunny.

Boxing Day is expected to be partly cloudy and the sun will be out in force on Thursday but showers are predicted for the following Day.