Weekend weather

Temperatures are expected to be very warm this weekend across the Algarve, with some cloud cover and moderate wind speeds in the west of the region on Sunday.

Daytime temperatures in the west, around Sagres, will be warm with highs of 24°C and evening temperatures of 17°C on both days.

Towards the east, in Faro, temperatures will be slightly warmer than in the west on both days with highs of 26°C on both days.

Evening temperatures will fall to 21°C on Saturday and 20°C on Sunday.  

A moderate north westerly wind is expected to blow in the west of the region throughout the weekend. In the east of the Algarve, a weak north westerly wind is predicted to blow on Saturday before changing to a westerly wind on Sunday.

Ocean temperatures are predicted to remain at 16°C in the west while being a warmer 18°C in the east of the region throughout the weekend.

The sea is expected to be more agitated towards the west on both days with waves up to 1.5 metres in height.

Towards the east, the sea is predicted to have wave heights up to 1.5 metres on Saturday before calming down to smaller waves on Sunday.

Looking to the coming week, temperatures are likely to be warm, with average highs of 22°C and lows of 16°C.

Early next week is expected to be mostly sunny, before some light clouds moving into the region towards the end of the week.