Wedding trends to expect this year

If you’re getting married in 2023, you’re going to be in for a treat. A lot of wedding trends are going to be coming your way, and some of them will be more surprising than others. The wedding industry is constantly changing, and so are the trends in weddings.

Weddings are no longer just about the bride and the groom – they’re about the entire family. The bride and the groom want their wedding to be a reflection of their personality and their relationship, and they want it to be special. So, they’re going to try to make it as special as they can.

The first thing that you’re going to notice is that there’s going to be a lot more creativity. There’s always been a lot of creativity in weddings, but now it’s going to be even more creative.


Candid and natural-looking photos

Photography styles are strongly influenced by trends, just like the majority of things in the wedding industry. Everyone loved the look of photos with unusual angles and sepia tones in the early days of Pinterest. After that, it appears that we all transitioned to the “bright and airy” style of photography, which emphasizes numerous poses and natural, soft lighting.

However, the most recent style of wedding photography emphasizes candid shots and natural light. This style of photography eliminates poses and focuses on flaws, and it is typically referred to as documentary or editorial photography.

Couples are putting less emphasis on having everything look perfect and more on having their photographers capture the day without directing or interfering. Similar to that, blur-motion photography, which takes pictures of movement, is about to gain a lot

of traction. 2023 will be the year of the blurry wedding photo, one that captures the dizzying bliss you felt on the big day.


Intimate and destination Weddings

Weddings are no longer just about the bride and groom. It’s about the entire family, and it’s also about friends. And so, all of these people are going to want their own input into what’s going on with the wedding. This is one of those things that you’re going to notice in 2023 if you haven’t noticed it already. Another big thing that you’re going to notice is that the guest list is going to be smaller. One of the biggest trends that are out there right now is having a small, intimate wedding.

Besides that, now more than ever, couples are wanting to travel to far-off destinations and celebrate their nuptials abroad. Plus, with the Euro and US dollar currently almost equivalent in value, we will be seeing a large increase in European destination weddings in 2023.

Combine both wishes – of an intimate destination wedding and you’ll find yourself the perfect venue in the Algarve, in the South of Portugal. Quinta dos Vales offers the chance to have a beautiful and romantic  wedding in a Wine Estate, surrounded by vineyards, nature and the warmth of the sun.

Quinta dos Vales is a well-established winery, known for its award-winning wines and unique sculptures scattered around the whole estate, guaranteeing a unique scenery for an unforgettable wedding. To make the experience even fuller, it is the perfect opportunity to turn the wedding into a short vacation in the always-sunny Algarve for the guests, or simply choose to spend the wedding night in one of the villas or apartments located only a few steps away from the party.


Non-traditional Guest Books

Traditional guest books  are  great to look back and remember who was in attendance at your wedding. What to do with traditional guest books after your wedding is the problem! They are stored away in a box or perhaps on a shelf without ever being touched. As a result, couples are beginning to move away from the traditional guest book and toward something that is significantly more practical after their wedding. Whether it’s a treasure they can always look back on or something wonderful to put on display in their home together.

If you have a theme for your wedding, use something that mirrors it. If there is something special to you as a couple, choose an item that represents you to have guests sign. For example, if you are having a yacht wedding and playing off the nautical theme, choose a life ring or an oar to have a guest sign. If you and your fiance are into music, play into that and have your guests sign an old vinyl record of one of your favourite bands. If you’re having your wedding in a Wine Estate, have the guests sign a small wine barrel or a bottle of wine!


Colourful dresses

When you think of wedding dresses, you usually think of gowns made of crepe, lace, chiffon, silk, tulle, and taffeta. However, creativity was at the forefront this season and designers presented during the 2023 Bridal Fashion Week fabrics and colours you typically would never associate with bridal.

From billowing sleeves, detachable skirts and sheer fabrics float down runways. From vibrant floral prints to baby blue silk, the 2023 wedding fashion is playful and unexpected.

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