Website creation ‘taught over toast’ at Hilton Vilamoura

Learning how to create and manage a successful website for your business is the theme of a breakfast event taking place Tuesday (October 25) at Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa at 8.15am.

The event is organised by the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and will be led by Hélder Encarnação, the project manager for Crochet – Design & Comunição.

Organisers explain that a “website is the reflection of a brand”.

“If you want your brand to be unique then your website has to follow the same principle, and to neglect your online presence will surely bring you multiple losses.

“There won’t be a second chance to make a good first impression – if your website looks like hundreds of others that opportunity is always wasted.

“Understand why sentences like ‘Young and dynamic team […]’ simply do not work, why contact forms can be counterproductive, why too much information is actually no information and why sometimes a single webpage is all you need.

These and many other questions will be discussed and debated.”

Book your spot by sending an email to no later than Friday (October 21).

Cost is €12.50 for chamber and Hilton Club H20 members, and €17.50 for non-members.