Weather warning

Heavy rain, strong winds and high waves are predicted until Sunday (February 8) in the Algarve, by the meteorological institute.

Wind speeds are expected to reach 80km/h along the coast and up to 90km/h on high ground across the region. Wave heights are predicted to reach between five and seven metres along the western coast and up to five metres in height along the southern coast of the Algarve.

According to Faro’s civil protection authority, the region has been put under a yellow alert situation, the second on a scale of four, until midday on Sunday.


In case of strong rains, the ANPC recommends that people pay attention to warnings and recommendations given by the authorities and keep checking the situation to minimise the risk of further flooding and accidents which could be caused by heavy rains.

They also recommend that people ensure that fluvial drainage systems are not blocked, that there are no objects which could be dragged by flood waters and that guttering and pipes are clean and clear.

Windows and doors should be closed during heavy rains and loose equipment such as bins should be tidied away, so that they are not dragged by heavy winds.

The ANPC also raises awareness of sheets of water which can form on roads, making them dangerous and increasing the risk of accidents.

For more information, Portugal’s meteorological institute publishes up to date weather reports on its website, available in English and Portuguese, at