Weather warning: Strong rain, thunder and high winds on the way

Civil Protection services have sent out a weather warning today over the likelihood of strong rain, thunder and high winds due to start hitting the country in the south from tomorrow.

According to the alert, the rain will arrive on Monday “accompanied by thunder, especially in the west and the Algarve, extending gradually to other regions oby the afternoon”.

The change in the weather is expected to last for “the next few days”, and include “probability of extreme wind phenomena – with gusts in the centre and south likely to reach up to 80km/ h.

Tuesday will see very much the same, but this time potentially accompanied by the addition of hail.

It goes without saying that overall temperatures will be dropping.

Civil Protection’s concerns are over the possibility of flooding – particularly in low-lying areas from Lisbon, to Setúbal and the Algarve.

“There is the risk of water levels rising in the rivers and streams of the Algarve”, says a press release sent to newspaper offices this afternoon.

Special concern is that the worst of the storms could coincide with moments of high tide.

Advice to people is to try and minimise risks by checking water run-off points are clear of any debris; driving with more care; ensuring that any loose structures (that might be blown away by the wind) are secured. (this includes potential hazards like scaffolding) and keeping away from areas with lots of trees (as these may lose branches and/ or be at risk of falling).

People are also warned to keep away from coastal areas, and cliffs.

Further bulletins may follow tomorrow.

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