Weather warning: “Stay away from coast” as waves due to reach 12 metres

Maritime authorities in Portugal are warning people to stay away from the coast as waves are due to reach rarely-seen heights of eight to 12 metres in the coming days at the same time as massive rainfall and strong winds are also forecast.

“We don’t want to alarm people but warn them about the need to take a defensive approach and be careful,” said Fernando Pereira da Fonseca, spokesperson for the national maritime authority (AMN).

These kinds of waves are described as rare and only happen “two to three times a year”.

The worst of the raging seas is expected on Saturday night and Sunday morning, mostly along the western coast. The Algarve is said to be where the situation will be less serious.

Extreme caution is advised in the region nonetheless following last week’s horrendous weather which battered the region, leaving its cliffs extremely vulnerable.

Meantime, civil protection authorities are also warning people to take precautions against the weather, such as take special care while driving, make sure drains are not clogged up, avoid flooded areas, and watch out for possible falling trees.
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