Weather: Thunder and rain expected as temperatures soar

Temperatures are rising tomorrow (Wednesday) but the downside to those who have been enjoying the recent sunshine is that rain and thunder are forecast, especially on higher ground and inland areas, says the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).
Although maximum temperatures may reach around 27º/28ºC in the next couple of days, you may still want to keep your umbrella handy.
Wednesday and Thursday are the most likely days for rain and thunder to occur. IPMA meteorologist Ângela Lourenço says this is “normal” weather for this time of year.
“During spring, it is very common for these ‘unstable’ weather conditions to occur when temperatures begin to rise,” the meteorologist explained.
“They are more likely to happen in inland areas and high lands, but usually the whole continent is affected,” she added.
However, by the weekend, the meteorologist predicts the return of blue skies.