Weather alert: stay away from coast!
Photo: AMN

Weather alert: stay away from coast!

Rough seas and 12-metre-high waves expected, warns Navy

All coastal regions of mainland Portugal are under yellow or orange alert this Friday due to rough seas which could lead to waves as high as 12 metres.

In most cases, the alerts will be in effect until 6am tomorrow morning, although the recommendation is to steer clear of the coast throughout the whole weekend.

In fact, the National Maritime Authority (AMN) and Portuguese Navy have put out a warning encouraging everyone – especially fishermen and recreational boats – to stay out of the water this weekend.

Boat owners are also being advised to make sure their boats are appropriately moored and to keep up to date with the latest recommendations and warnings, avoiding going out to sea until the conditions have improved.

The general population should avoid walking or carrying out activities along coastal areas and beaches, the maritime authorities say.

“Accessing or remaining under cliffs or near cliff edges must especially be avoided,” they add, calling on citizens to “not take unnecessary risks”.

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