Weather alert as Portugal faces “heavy rain, thunder and strong winds”

Portugal is braced for another weekend where forecasts predict “heavy rain, thunder and strong winds” – the worst of which is due in the Algarve and lower Alentejo.

Both southern regions are on “yellow alert” after flooding in Armação de Pêra and parts of Albufeira, and the collapse of an abandoned building in Olhão (click here).

Further flooding is feared, while IPMA meteorologist Maria João Frade predicts winds could reach speeds of up to “90kms per hour.”

“It’s a serious situation caused by an approaching depression that is coming from the Atlantic and will hit the west coast of mainland Portugal, especially the southwest regions,” she told Lusa news agency.

Temperatures however will be mild, ranging from 15ºC to 19ºC in the Algarve, 14ºC to 17ºC in Lisbon and 12ºC to 16ºC in Porto.

For additional forecasts, see www.ipma.pt