Eupheus School

‘We strive for educational excellence’

At Eupheus, we strive for educational excellence and for every child ‘to be the best that they can be’. 

Eupheus is a Cambridge Assessment International Education accredited school located in Loulé. All of our lessons are taught in English by highly qualified, experienced teachers, focused upon the Cambridge Pathway, ensuring a Global Education.

Our students have timetabled Music, P.E. and Portuguese lessons taught by specialist teachers. The students use their Eupheus iPads as an integral part of the learning process to aid learning in all areas of the curriculum. They also have specific Digital Literacy lessons to explore 21st century technology and how to use it safely.

Eupheus School

We have a state-of-the-art Pre-School where learning is practical, hands-on, tailored to and guided by each child’s choice and interests. All learning for our Pre-School children evolves through play. It is a joy to observe our youngest learners so happy and engaged.

It is through play that young children are able to make sense of the world, developing their creativity, confidence and thought processes. Our youngest learners are encouraged to explore, become autonomous and interact with their peers in play settings.

Eupheus School

We understand the value of teaching all learners higher order skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving. This is achieved through the Cambridge Assessment International Education subject – Global Perspectives. Learnt skills are positively applied to our students’ work, life and the world around them.

We are accepting registrations for September 2023 for Pre-School, Primary and Lower Secondary. Our commitment to the highest quality of teaching and learning means that class sizes are small and, therefore, places are limited.

We would advise all prospective parents to contact our Head of School, Ms Penelope Best, immediately to arrange a visit and personal meeting.

918 024 433 | [email protected] |

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