Protest sign

We must ‘drastically reduce’ number of homeless people by 2026 – president

Visiting the Algarve yesterday, President Marcelo said the country must make an effort to “drastically reduce” the number of homeless people by 2026, which has increased in recent years for a number of reasons, not least inflation and the housing crisis. Marcelo was speaking to journalists in Faro on the sidelines of a national meeting of the strategy for the integration of homeless people in which he stressed that Portugal is facing “a race against the clock” in terms of funding for housing. EU funds available until the end of the decade are unlikely to be seen “again in the same form”, he said – thus it is imperative to make use of them to find a “fair, dignified and humane solution to a phenomenon that has to be addressed”. Ironically, today (Saturday) citizens all over the country are taking to the streets to demand a solution to Portugal’s crippling housing crisis.