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We did something funny  for money

Do something funny for money was the theme of this year’s Red Nose Day and members of the Algarve Resident team took on this challenge with vigour on Friday, March 13, raising more than 160 euros for the international charity.

Managing director Sheena Rawcliffe provided a sumptuous lunch for the staff with everybody forcing themselves to eat home made trifle in the name of charity while the team’s Stephen Eggleton and his partner Paul Felix donated a mountain of chocolate brownies that were gratefully received by everyone in the office.

Swear box

A large amount of the money raised came from the swear box while even more came from fines paid for bad behaviour, predominantly from the sales members of the team.

Discrimination from some of the less educated Algarve Resident staff towards the more intelligent, classier members of the editorial were severely reprimanded and the money for such abuse of colleagues was gleefully collected, after all there is nothing wrong with being posh!

A picture of the team taken in the gardens outside the office raised a few eyebrows, including those of the local GNR, who found the sight of a dozen adults dressed in red and sporting clown noses slightly unnerving. The things we do for charity!

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