“We are watching you”: Minister’s message to arsonists

System of vigilance and checking covers whole territory

On a day when two arsonists have been caught “in flagrante” by the authorities, Portugal’s interior minister José Luís Carneiro has had a carefully worded message for fire raisers.

“There is a system of vigilance and checking (in place) which uses technological and human means to cover the whole territory” when it comes to arson, he said. There is even an Air Force plane flying over the country…

“It is important that everyone is aware that these means are active, and operate day and night throughout the country to guarantee that any behaviour against legality will be sanctioned”.

People who are acting outside the law “will be observed”, the minister insisted – and authorities will act against them.

Mr Carneiro was talking from the GNR ‘Operations Room’ where he heard the latest “Situation Report” on fires in the country: the situation remains extremely critical in the central region: reignitions have been whipped up by the wind, even firefighters patrolling Quinta do Lago/ Almancil have been featured on national television using hoses on hot spots that are still posing risks, in spite of the fire being technically in conclusion.

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