We are so sorry…

To our friends from and in continental Europe

I (Graham) wanted to take this opportunity to apologise on behalf of my country for the devastating result in the EU referendum. Like most sane and rational people here who voted to remain, we are shocked, saddened and upset that the UK has decided to vote to leave the European Union.

We are also appalled that the ‘Leave’ side played on people’s baser instincts by blaming migrants from the EU for all the UK’s problems. Sadly, a majority of people here fell for that lie and we will now suffer in so many ways. Things will never be the same again and I fear the worst for ordinary working people here when an even further right-wing government takes over where Cameron left off.

For me, it’s like a slap in the face to all of you. What you must think of Britain now I can only guess, but I am ashamed of my country and can’t see me ever thinking well of it again.

For all its faults (and there are many) both Martin and I have always been proud supporters of the EU, for the principles it stands for, the freedoms it gives us and the people it protects. We’re proud to have family and friends in many European countries and proud to have once been an integral part of the wider European family.

It’s a very dark day in our history. Scotland and Northern Ireland are already wanting to call referenda for leaving the UK. So finally, right-wing extremists will get their ‘Little England’.

Please understand that millions of us voted to remain in the EU, and still cherish our relationships with our European friends. We hope our peoples can work together in the future for the common good, in spite of populist, intolerant and insular governments.

Graham Anderson and Martin Robinson
By email