Waterair, Europe’s leader in pool kits

WATERAIR, A French pool manufacturer, established since 1972, has been considered as the leader in pool kits throughout Europe for over 30 years. The company is represented in over 35 countries around the world, operating in Portugal for 13 years, with over 3,000 pools already having been installed here.

Waterair holds three major certificates, Quality Certificate ISO 9001, Structure Certificate granted by Bureau Veritas, and Filtration and Pump Certificate granted by TUV, a major German company.

Waterair pools are made of galvanized steel, covered with four layers for protection against corrosion, providing incomparable sturdiness and durability. The sidewalls are protected, even under extreme weather conditions, against rust, cracks and other damage. Waterair’s strong and special liner is then applied to the inner sides of the pool.

Waterair gives a full 20-year guarantee on the pool structure, a 12-year guarantee on the liner, and a two-year guarantee on the equipment, standard in Europe.

Waterair swimming pools, by way of their unique construction, are completely self-supporting. They can be adapted to any shape to suit the surroundings, whether they are sloped or close to a rock or a well – retaining walls or concrete walls are not needed.

Waterair offers a variety of shapes and sizes, even an integrated Jacuzzi-like Balneo-System. Due to the materials used, the temperature of the water in Waterair pools is higher by 5 degrees, when compared to the temperature in a conventional pool.

António Bacalhau Lda, agent for the Algarve, has been selling and installing Waterair pools for 12 years. An average sized pool – eight metres by four metres – is completed and ready to swim in, within two weeks after its arrival from France.

• For more information or a free quote, visit Waterair in Parchal, call 282 417 144 or 937 278 402. If you prefer, a Waterair representative can visit you at your home.