Water is constantly in the news.  When it comes to rain, we either have too much of it or we do not have enough. The result of not enough causes dry, arid land with cracks for miles around.  The same has to be said for our bodies – not enough water and we become cracked, dry, irritable, constipated and full of concentrated salts which affect the health of our vital organs.

Our bodies comprise of 75 per cent water and this fluid allows for nutrients, hormones etc to reach the parts that need to be reached!  Ideally, we should all drink around three litres of water each day – and no, that does not mean that you can drink yourself silly with three litres of alcoholic beverage or tea or coffee to make up the three litres.  Anything you drink above and beyond the water your body requires each day should be viewed as part of your food intake.  Drinking good quality bottled water is a part of normal, every day life here in Portugal – so join the club.

The correct intake of water will go a long way to ensuring that your skin stays young and supple; remember we are subjected to hot days which soon cause dehydration.  Drinking plenty of water also assists in food digestion and it has been proven to be a simple and effective cure for many people suffering with heartburn.

And if that is not enough to encourage you to drink water, then consider how it can assist you with your desire to lose weight.  Each time you think you are hungry try drinking a glass of water!

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