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‘Water-tight’ gallery stages new exhibition

Another major exhibition organised by the Galeria Arte Algarve located in the authentic environment of Lagoa’s historic winery is set to open on October 6 at 3pm.

Entitled ARTE ALGARVE OPEN VI, the show will see more than 50 artists from across Europe participating. The artists all have one thing in common: they live in Portugal, most of them in the Algarve.

According to gallery owner and book author Rolf Osang, “there has never been such a rich and varied exhibition in the region. Within just one year, the Galeria Arte Algarve has developed into the centre of contemporary art in our region”.

“Visitors are flabbergasted when entering the gallery. The roof structure is overwhelming, and one wonders whether the atmospheric ‘light holes’ are waterproof. They are.”

Costly works were necessary to prevent water penetration. The roof construction is the largest of its kind in Portugal and architects come from far away to admire and photograph it.

For ARTE ALGARVE OPEN VI, the exhibition space will be expanded. A 70m long wall face was added, bringing the total length to 300 metres and the floor area to over 1,600sqm. Thus Arte Algarve is now the largest private art gallery in southern Portugal.

Rolf Osang follows a policy of inviting newcomers to the stage of the art world. At OPEN VI around 30 new artists perform for the first time in the Algarve, while other 20 artists such as Meinke Flesseman, Cliff Martin Tuson and Jean Brown present the “art establishment”.

The exhibition at the Única-Adega do Algarve, along the EN125 by the central entrance to Lagoa, runs until December 1.

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