Water tariff rises in Cascais

news: Water tariff rises in Cascais

RESIDENTS in the Cascais concelho will pay an extra 2.9 per cent per cubic metre on all the different levels, following an increase in the water tariff approved by the Câmara recently.

The tariff, which belongs to the Águas de Cascais company, was approved by majority vote. The highest increases are registered in the construction of residence branches.

The proposal states that, “the prices presented are according to the contract with the concelho to the extent of the concession”, adding that the last increase was in June.

CDU councillor, Diniz de Almeida, who voted against the proposal, said “the proposed increases are frankly higher than those predicted”.

At the same meeting, the opening of the Alcabideche and São Domingos de Rana health centres was also approved.