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Water-saving concepts

Over the years, many things have been said, broadcast, published and discussed concerning the draining of the Earth’s fresh drinking water resources.

Like world poverty, the modern civilized world is used to watching it from a distance, concerned but not acting, until the moment it has to confront it at its doorstep. Then we all suddenly wake up and start looking for the possible causes or the distracted world leader that allowed it to happen.

The time to act regarding water-saving concepts is now, and last year’s drought in Portugal has brought the urgency of the matter to the foreground.

Many underground resources like boreholes are struggling to pump up as much water as they did before, and underground stress is compromising the water quality by allowing salt water to penetrate through the water lines.

We could mention clichés such as “turn off the tap while brushing teeth”, or “spend less time showering” or even “cut down your use of water for ornamental gardens”, but society knows this blablabla by heart.

Let’s look closely at our own lifestyle and our gardening practices. Do we really know how much fresh quality water we are using on our plants, flowers and especially grass?

Now imagine if you could bring down the water spent in your garden between 50-80%, keeping it as green as it is now, by using innovative watering techniques…

Don’t waste now what will be precious in the future.

By Rui Faria
|| [email protected]

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Rui Faria is partner of Sustainable Superstore and owner of Hydrokompass, specialist in water treatment and filtration. With over 15 years’ experience installing and improving water treatment systems, he specialises in domestic biological grey water treatment and recycling.
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Water filtration system
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