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Water prices go up

Many cash-strapped Algarve câmaras are planning to increase water rates this year, with Lagoa being one of the first to announce the “inevitable measure”. Residents in the Lagoa council will see the price of 5m3 of water use per month rise by about 90%. This will include additional expenses with sanitation and refuse collection services. Those who use 10m3 of water will pay 54% more while those with 20m3 of water use will see their bill increase by 34% Those on a low income will, however, benefit from a 50% discount. Lagoa Mayor José Inácio says the rates will still be lower than in other councils such as Portimão, Albufeira and Faro. The average price per cubic meter of water used is soon expected to reach €2.5, double that charged by some councils in Portugal.