Water habits

Dear Editor,

I have no doubt that the quality of the tap water in the Algarve is great. When we’re out of bottled water at home, we have no problem using the water from the tap to drink.

I believe the only reason people don’t drink tap water more often is because ‘old habits die hard’. If you’ve become accustomed to buying bottled water, it isn’t always easy to trade it for the water that’s pouring out of the tap.

As the spokesperson said in the article, the quality of tap water here was terrible not that long ago and it is not easy to convince people that it is now fit for consumption.

However, I believe the tactics used by Águas do Algarve are intelligent and may very well work. Reaching out to people and encouraging them to taste the region’s tap water and compare it to bottled water is certainly one of the best ways to prove that tap water can be just as good as anything you’ll find in the supermarket.

Simon Evans