Water filter conmen are at it again

VARIOUS RESIDENTS in the borough of Portimão have recently been contacted by companies that claim to represent laboratories which have been asked to carry out water checks by Empresa Municipal de Águas e Resíduos de Portimão (EMARP), the municipal water and waste treatment company of Portimão and Águas do Algarve SA (the company responsible for the public water supply in the Algarve).

The caller claims that the water at the customer’s home must be analysed, alleging that the water is of poor quality and not fit for human consumption.

EMARP and Águas do Algarve would like to warn residents that they have no connection with these companies. The public are advised that these con artists are only interested in selling equipment such as water filters.  The two entities confirm that all water distributed conforms to the appropriate legal norms, proven by the results of quality control testing carried out throughout the year.

EMARP is the entity responsible for the quality of the water supply in the borough of Portimão. To comply with its obligations, EMARP regularly analyses water samples, however an appointment is always made in advance and confirmed in writing on company notepaper. Normally these tests are made at commercial establishments such as hotels and restaurants and at schools, and representatives always carry ID.

EMARP also denounced the same scam in the February issue of its publication Ambiente Sentido, which is sent to all clients with their bill for water and waste treatment services.  In case of a problem or any doubts, call EMARP on 282 400 260 or 966 304 225.

The Resident has been informed of similar scams being operated in the past in Albufeira and in other areas. Often the hoaxsters prey on the elderly and people living alone in remote areas.