Water consumption is down but saving must continue

A MEETING recently took place at the offices of the Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Algarve (CCDR), the commission for the co-ordination and regional development of the Algarve, to assess the drought situation in the Sotavento area.

The meeting brought together all the relevant authorities, including representatives from water companies, Águas de Portugal and Águas do Algarve, and from the Grande Área Metropolitana do Algarve (AMAL), the body that represents the Algarve’s 16 boroughs.

Those present considered the water saving results already obtained to be positive. There has been a considerable reduction in the consumption when compared to figures from 2004, which has been due to the joint efforts of companies, the councils and other users.

In the first months of 2005, the tendency was for the consumption level to increase, however, in June and July, substantial reductions have been recorded in the order of 15 per cent. But, following the analysis carried out, it is certain that the situation still demands strict measures to be taken regarding water usage. In the light of this, it has been concluded that it is essential to maintain and even intensify the water saving efforts to guarantee supply for priority uses and to prevent another shortage situation next year and a late start to preparations to regulate water use.