Water concerns

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you concerning a matter that I have been chasing for some time without result in the hope that you may be able to help.

Around three weeks ago, I discovered a water leak along the roadside in a junction box on my morning walk in front of a derelict house near the Alto Golf complex.

I waited a week to see whether something would be done about it but it was not.  So I called the water works department and reported the damage. 

The gentleman I spoke to enquired as to where this leak was but did not show great interest or concern. This was on Friday, two weeks ago.

By Monday, nothing had happened but as it had been the weekend, I waited one more day.  But on Tuesday, nothing! 

I called again and spoke to a different person who again enquired as to the whereabouts and did show more concern, promising to deal with it. 

On Wednesday, the water was still running. A lot of water. I called again, spoke to the same gentleman as the day before who assured me that the matter was in hand, only that it was a bigger job whereby the surrounding area would have to be cut off in order to repair the damage.

I felt satisfied that I had been successful in my quest. Today, a week later, the water is still running.

I am especially concerned as we have such a dire water situation already with there not having been any rain. I find it very irresponsible and negligent of the water works not to show greater concern. Can you help?

Thanking you in advance.

Val Tayles


Editor’s note: The Algarve Resident contacted Portimão’s water company, EMARP, to enquire about this situation. Júlio Santos, a spokesman for EMARP’s repair works department, said on Monday: “I went to take a look at the leak on Friday. We have recently had a great number of leaks to fix and as this one was not extreme, it has not yet been dealt with.” He added: “We initially contacted Alto Golf, believing the leaky pipes to be theirs, but it has now been proved that they are our responsibility and so we will work to resolve the situation in the next few days.” The Algarve Resident is pleased to inform that, at the time of going to press on Wednesday, the leak had been repaired.