Water company goes green

ÁGUAS DO Algarve, the water company responsible for the majority of the region’s drainage and water supply, announced that it intended to produce electricity using the force of water.

A spokesperson for the company said once the turbines, which facilitate the process are in place, the amount of electricity produced could reduce petroleum-based electricity use by 33 per cent, reducing energy bills for residents using hydroelectric power.

The first hydroelectric power station, which will be small scale, will be constructed at the water treatment facility in Beliche, Castro Marim. Bids for that contract began this month and bids to construct another power station in Vale de Lousas, Lagoa, will begin in April or May.

The Águas do Algarve spokesperson said: “There are 10 possible locations in the Algarve that could generate electricity using water power and six of the sites have already been approved by the General Directive of Geology and Energy in Olhão, Tavira and Portimão.”  In the wake of the announcement to go green, the company signed a contract with the Economy of Energy, Transport and Environment Research Centre, to analyse the ecological ramifications of producing energy.

The construction of the power stations is dependent on the completion of studies and licence acquisitions, but they could be up and running within three years.

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