Water company explains

Over a month after a water pipe burst under the Portimão to the Via do Infante access route, a spokesman from the water firm Águas do Algarve has finally explained what the company has been doing to repair the rupture, and why a huge hole remains in the Portimão A22 access road.

It appears that the hole, which was dug to reach and repair the pipes, has not been filled in because the technicians responsible for the repair are worried about the possibility of a fresh break in the pipe.

So when will the hole, which currently occupies two lanes of the roundabout on the access route of Portimão to the A22, be filled? “We’ve already started filling in the municipal reservoirs downstream, once we felt they could support the pressure of such an operation,” explained the spokesman, adding: “The actions undertaken by Águas do Algarve, whereby we attempted to repair the pipes from within the duct itself, were guided by a desire to avoid demolishing the part of the recently inaugurated road.”