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Watch world class motorsport in style

A new business has been set up at the Algarve Motor Park offering visitors the “ultimate spectator experience” in executive boxes with full hostess service and hospitality.

Formed this year, Algarve Racing is a joint venture between three local businessmen who are living the dream of being able to see, first-hand, live motorsport regularly on their own doorstep.

“It’s like a dream come true to have this amazing facility in the Algarve,” said Dr Chris Ford, from Algarve Racing.

“To have secured events such A1GP, GP2 and the Le Mans series is truly fantastic; we are now anticipating the arrival of Formula One, which will surely have to come to this awesome circuit.”

Algarve Racing specialises in providing motorsport hospitality at the motor park and offers clients a luxurious atmosphere overlooking the start grid, pit garages and main straight of the race track.

Guests also get prime grandstand seats in an exclusive VIP seating area, paddock passes to all areas and VIP parking.

“Using a hospitality box may be perceived as something only for businesses and companies but a number of private clients now use the boxes,” said Walé Bakare from Algarve Racing.

“It’s a great gift idea for a motorsport enthusiast for a birthday or special celebration. If a group of friends want to enjoy the motorsport together in a unique environment, this can be very cost effective.”

All the executive boxes accommodate up to 10 guests and are equipped and designed to host guests in style and comfort while they enjoy the motorsport action.

Designed and furnished by Portuguese interior designer Teresa Azevedo Coutinho, all boxes are equipped with LCD screens with live TV feeds from the track and race information.    

Algarve Racing also offers a range of motorsport tours and packaged driving experiences to cater for all tastes and budgets.

For more information, please call 282 760 548 or email [email protected] Alternatively, visit the website, available in English at