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Watch all your favourite TV programmes

SOS SKY Digital is a highly successful family run company which prides itself on providing the highest quality products along with unbeatable customer service, always aiming to be prompt and on time and never leaving until the customer is satisfied.

SOS Sky Digital continues its promotion of a full quality system from 499 euros which suits many people, however, it can also provide a larger aluminium, high gain dish from 649 euros.

Signal quality

This year, due to the many changes Sky have been making and the weakening of some signals, many people have encountered problems keeping the signal on channels ITV 2 and 3 and also Channel 5 in the evening. With the help of SOS Sky Digital, there is a solution. “We have found that by choosing to opt for the 1.4 aluminium prime focus dish, the advantage is a much better signal quality and strength which means no losing your favourite programmes at night and, unlike some other companies, we guarantee Channel 5,” said Chris Whitman, owner of SOS Sky Digital. Being a solid dish and stand, its quality is second to none; it has a much longer lifespan which makes the extra cost money well spent.

Also becoming more popular is Sky plus and HD which can be arranged for you without the need for an English address. “We can also be called on for parts, official Sky boxes, repairs, realignments, and Sky packages.

Quality products

We are always available for advice because our commitment to customer service and quality products and installations mean value for money and satisfaction guaranteed,” he said.

For further information, call 916 378 722, email: [email protected] or visit