Waste of police force’s services

Dear Editor,
Today, Wednesday February 6 I witnessed the GNR Brigada de Trânsito at work in Lagoa, stopping commercial vehicles to check their documents. This was a huge operation: I counted around 12 traffic police and a small fleet of police cars; all off the road rather than doing their job that should be to increase road safety.
There they were, wasting the time of good working people for no other reason than to extract a few stupid fines. I understand that we are the only country in Europe to authorise such a wanton waste of our police force’s services and these intrusions on the working day of the population.
I am a Portuguese national but having spent much of life living elsewhere in Europe, I feel a mixture of anger and shame.
What saddens me most is how we Portuguese just accept such treatment at the hands of the government and our police force.
João Xabregas