Minister in Portuguese Parliament
Image: Lusa

Warring parties face off ‘for another session in parliament’

Speaker promises more oversight, return of fortnightly debates with PM

Parliament officially returned from the long summer break today, following two weeks of increasing critical pressure on the absolute majority government from ‘all sides’.

With a fairly pertinent book coming out about the art of governing (penned by former PM and president Aníbal Cavaco Silva), and the added stress of rising interest rates/ a galloping housing crisis/ a health service in chaos, courts in disarray and schools in more than the usual states of unreadiness, this session of parliament promises to be every bit as marked by the ‘righteous indignation’ of those that are not in power as the one before it.

In a show of taking the reins today, speaker Augusto Santos Silva has announced ‘a new set of rules a new set of rules that brings back fortnightly debates for members to put questions to the prime minister and strengthens political oversight of the government’.

Says Lusa, this position is set out in a video published by Mr Silva, in which he also highlights that the new session – the second in the current parliament – will also see events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Revolution of 25 April 1974 and other important processes underway in parliament, such as the constitutional review” (another real bone of contention among the parties).

The video also alludes to discussions on the new State Budget for 2024, starting next month.

Like many colleagues, Mr Silva’s ‘means of communication’ are now spread liberally over ‘X’ (formerly twitter), Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Lusa points out that Augusto Santos Silva is one of the ‘likely candidates’ for president in the next elections for Portugal’s Head of State.

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