Warnings as Portugal’s ‘perfect festive weather’ gives way to high winds, raging seas and torrential rain

Strong winds, raging seas and buckets of rain: these are the predictions as Portugal’s stunning festive weather at last breaks, and winter well and truly returns.

Weather warnings have been in place since early today (Monday), with six districts on ‘yellow alert’ and winds of up to 80 km/hour forecast in some regions.

The Algarve, so far, has been the only area to escape torrential rain which has been pouring down in central and northerly areas since early this morning.

Maritime authorities have already issued warnings to people to keep their distance from the sea/ shore as waves could reach four metres, writes Diário de Notícias.

Fishermen are being advised to say ashore and secure their boats, while those at sea are being warned to ensure all safety procedures are adopted.

Weather warnings are in place until 9pm tonight, with the worst affected areas expected to be along the west coast.

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