Warning: Portugal’s “freak atmospheric pressure” could cause “changes in humour”

It could provoke nasty sinus headaches too. Today’s papers have reserved space to warn us all to be on our guard against mood swings due to the abnormal high-pressure values hanging over the country.

According to IPMA (institute of sea and atmosphere), they would be more at home in Alaska or Siberia.

Levels registered on January 9 topped the charts and now, although the “weight of air” over Portugal continues to be “very high”, pressure is slowly reducing and should be back to normal levels by next week, IPMA’s head of meteorology and geology explained.

Expert Pedro Viterbo details the culprit is a “blockage, which hasn’t been seen for a number of years, in the anticyclone of the Azores”.

For now, we’re being advised to hold on to our humour, wrap heads against the cold, and generally brave it out.

As for the weather this weekend, we can literally take our pick. Sunshine, clouds and rain are forecast, in varying quantities depending on where we happen to be holding on to our humours.

The Algarve will have the best “highs” of 14ºC, while Bragança and Viseu will get the worst deals possible, with temperatures not expected to rise above 7ºC all weekend. In fact, people in Bragança would be advised to stay home altogether, as evening temperatures will drop to freezing point.

Bah, humbug!
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