Warning: Portugal’s cliffs “in danger of collapse due to bad weather”

Maritime police have issued a warning to the entire country: stay away from coastal cliffs, either from walking on top of them or underneath.

Due to the bad weather battering Portugal, they are all at risk of collapse – with the danger “especially” down south in the Algarve.

The warning stresses that cliffs are “quite unstable due to the bad weather”, and uses the expression “imminent danger” to describe the likelihood of cliff collapses.

The archipelagos of Madeira and Azores are included in the warning, but it is “in particular the Algarve coast” that seems to be worst off for risk.

Authorities’ advice is to “avoid walking as much underneath (cliffs) as on top of them” and for people to “comply with and respect (warning) notices and indications” that they may find posted in places of possible danger.

Reports stress that a number of cliffs have been “targets of direct action of the waves and infiltrations provoked by the rain which has caused their considerable deterioration”.

This warning is likely to stay in place for the duration of the current period of bad weather which, according to reports, is in for another dip on Thursday, and could even bring yet another tornado of the kind already experienced twice in the last week in the eastern Algarve around Faro and Olhão..

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