Warning launched as bathing season comes to an end

Portugal’s maritime authority (ANM) has launched a warning directed at beachgoers now that the country’s official bathing season has ended in many parts of the country even though the weather is still hot and sunny.

ANM advises beachgoers to be especially “careful” as many beaches are no longer supervised.

In its list of recommendations, the maritime authority says beachgoers shouldn’t risk swimming in rough seas.

It also suggests waiting three hours before going swimming after eating a meal, never turning your back to the sea while walking along the shore as a wave can sweep beachgoers to dangerous situations, and keeping an especially close eye on children.

And as the water temperatures have already started dropping, caution is advised when entering the water as “thermal shocks” are now more likely.

According to IPMA weather forecasts, temperatures will reach over 30ºC in many parts of Portugal this week.

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