Warner’s Wise Words – Ballpoint!

This month I’ll talk you through the correct placement of the ball in relation to your feet. This correct positioning will enable you to achieve the desired flight of the ball.

The hitting zone is the area between the middle of your stance and your left heel. The ball should then be placed depending on the club you’ve selected.

For the woods, the ball should be positioned opposite your left heel but should be moved further back to the centre of your stance when you use the pitching-wedge and sand-iron. (see diagram 1)

When you swing, the club-head should reach the lowest point in the middle of your stance. Therefore, the longer clubs (woods, irons three, four and five) will be nearer the left heel, meaning the ball is struck on the upswing, removing the chance of backspin and help you achieve a further distance.

Regardless of the club you are using, your hands should always be opposite to your axis.Bringing the hands too far in front of the ball with the longer clubs will not only decrease the loft of the club, but can cause the club-face to open resulting in a wayward shot. Next month I’ll help you with your back swing. Happy golfing!

For further information or to arrange a lesson, contact Gary Warner at Parque da Floresta Golf & Leisure Resort on 282 690 055.