“Warm, sunny but risky”: Maritime authority advises caution on beaches

Portugal’s maritime authority (AMN) has advised people to be especially careful at beaches this week as although the weather is delightfully warm and sunny, beaches are still unsupervised.

Thus risky behaviour near the sea should be reduced to a minimum.

“The 2017 bathing season has not started yet and beaches are without surveillance or signage, which is why we are highlighting the dangers of risky behaviour at beaches and recommending that safety measures be respected,” AMN said in a statement.

The authority says to not turn your back to the sea or walk on wet sand.

Beachgoers should also be especially cautious when entering the water, as temperatures are still “very low” and rip currents are more common during this time of year.

Children should also be supervised at all times and not be allowed to play near the water or wet sand.

“If you are uncertain about the state of the sea or can’t swim, don’t take chances and avoid entering the water,” the authority adds.

IPMA sea and atmosphere institute says temperatures will go as high as 27ºC this weekend while clear blue skies are also forecast.

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