“Wanted-for-murder” and bankrupt, former PSD MP Duarte Lima forced to sell valuable porcelain

He owes millions to the State, has been condemned to jail for fraud and faces trial for murder, but now the woes stacked up against former PSD MP Duarte Lima have multiplied.

He was declared bankrupt just before Christmas and is now in the process of seeing his possessions impounded.

Correio da Manhã says that first to go will be a collection of Chinese porcelain, valued at €500,000 – “a value very much below the debt the former MP has to Parvalorem” (the State entity in charge of recovering money owed to failed bank BPN).

Described as a “connoisseur of art”, Lima has amassed a collection of Pink and Green Family porcelain from the Qing dynasty, says the paper – though its sale will leave well over €30 million still to be found from somewhere.

Lima’s house is also likely to be sold, writes CM – though in this case it will be towards liquidating a €10. 9 million debt with Novo Banco.

In all, papers put Lima’s debts at over €31.6 million, of which €20 million refers to “credits to BPN”.

Meantime, the veritable Houdini from justice remains free from serving the jail sentence handed down to him for fraud (BPN) and is still dodging the issue of a murder trial for the shooting of heiress Rosalina Ribeiro in Brazil in 2009 (click here).

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