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Wall to wall Walters

A mum made the task of raising 15 children harder – by giving them the same name: Walter.

Brazilian Erotides Brandao promised to name her first baby after husband Walter.

But when Walterlucia was born, the proud father asked for all their children to be named after him.

In all, the couple, from Paraiba, North East Brazil, had nine daughters and six sons: Walterlucia, Walterlivia, Walterlenia, Walterlonia, Walterlacia, Walterluzia, Walterluana, Walterangelina, Waltersilviana, Walteremanuel, Walterluis, Walteroliver, Waltermarcelo, Walterlicinio and Walterfernando.

They also have 33 grandchildren who are all called – yep, you guessed it – Walter, after it was decided to continue the tradition.

Erotides, 88, whose husband Walter died in 2003 aged 81, told Brazil’s Globo G1 website: “He asked to put his name on all of our children.

“I didn’t know so many would come, but we never knew how to say no to each other.” Source: