‘Walks with Art’ return to get people out of their homes and walking in nature

Organisers have confirmed that the ‘Walks with Art’ event, held successfully for the first time last year, is returning for its second edition this month.

Taking place between May 16 and June 6, the initiative will feature nine hikes near in coast in Aljezur and nine hikes in the Monchique highlands.

“Along the way, and with a small snack in between, we will talk about topics that suit all tastes: from philosophy to mathematics, from dance to economics, through history, journalism, apiculture, architecture, biochemistry, literature among many others,” said the organisers.

The event is being brought to life via the Lavrar o Mar programme, which aims to promote cultural events in some of the region’s ‘hidden gem’ boroughs such as Monchique and Aljezur.

“After the huge success of the first edition of Caminhadas com Arte (Walks with Art), especially in the times in which we live, we realised that we could not let this programme and its concept end here,” the organisers said in a statement to the press.

“Getting out of home, walking in nature, sharing experiences with people (in safety), and being able to interact and talk, are things that are needed and that fill the soul,” they added.

However, out of the several walks that are planned, only one will be taking place in English.

It is scheduled for Sunday, June 6 in Aljezur and will be led by Nicolau da Costa.

The guide is described as a “faithful and experienced guardian of the land, sea and life of Costa Vicentina and is also a farmer, gardener, landscape architect, shellfish gatherer and walking beekeeper.”

The 8km hike, ranked as “easy” on the difficulty level scale, will see participants exploring the “maritime mountains” and the cliffs of the Costa Vicentina, all whilst learning about the area through Nicolau da Costa.

It will begin at 9.30am and the meeting point is the Praia do Amado parking lot. Tickets cost €10 per person and can be purchased online on the Lavrar o Mar website or at Casa Lavrar o Mar in Aljezur, located on Rua João Dias Mendes, no 46.

For more information about the initiative and other hikes or to buy tickets, visit www.lavraromar.pt/en