Walking St Vincent´s way

It is less than a week before Father Bob Bates of  St Vincent´s Church of the Algarve and Terry Aimes of Algarve Walking Experience set off on their journey on foot across the Algarve to raise funds for charities in the region.

The two men will start their walk of more than 260 kilometres on Wednesday (April 28) with experienced walker Terry Aimes guiding Father Bob Bates across the Algarve.

Father Bob Bates told the Algarve Resident: “Fund raising for the walk is going well and Terry and I have been completing a number of training walks, each over 20 kilometres, in preparation for the main event. All we hope is that the weather will hold out for us and it will not be too wet or too hot.”

He added: “Overall I am really looking forward to the challenge and many members of the church have said they will come to Cape St Vincent to meet us at the end of the journey, hopefully greeting us with a glass of champagne and something to help soothe our feet!”

Money raised by the charity walk will be donated to the Lar de São Vicente, a home for mentally and physically handicapped people in Albufeira and to Madrugada, a charity that supports people with life limiting illnesses.

For further information about the walk or to make a donation, please call either Madrugada on 282 761 375 or Father Bob Bates on 289 366 720.