Walkers celebrate  St Vincent

Members of the Algarve Wednesday Walkers (AWW) have appointed St. Vincent as the patron saint of their walking group and to mark St Vincent’s day on January 22 they visited Sagres, where one of the oldest known statues of the saint is located.

The AWW is one of the oldest walking groups in the Algarve and founded The Algarve Way/Via Algarviana in 1998 based on the route followed by medieval pilgrims to pay homage to St Vincent, whose remains were once buried at the Cape which bears his name.

In honour of St Vincent, the patron saint of Lisbon, more than 30 members of the AWW gathered at the Cape lighthouse and then walked to the fortress at Sagres where they were met by Artur de Jesus, the head of the cultural department of Vila do Bispo Câmara, who shared his knowledge of the saint.

One of the oldest known statues of St Vincent is located in Sagres.
One of the oldest known statues of St Vincent is located in Sagres.

Inside the fortress, the walkers visited the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Graça, which houses one of the oldest statues of St Vincent and a prayer and oration was led by Rev. Bob Bates of St Vincent’s Anglican Church and also a member of the AWW.

The group finished the trip with a meal at the Telheiro Restaurant on Mareta Beach in Sagres.

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