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Walk the length of the Algarve

IN 2007, it will be possible to walk the length of the Algarve along the Via Algarviana (Algarvean Track), an ecological pedestrian track. Developed and managed by environmental group Almargem, the path will cover a distance of around 240 kilometres.

The Via Algarviana will feature signs informing walkers about the flora and fauna of the surrounding areas, and will eventually connect with the existing route that links Cabo de S. Vicente to Caminha in the North of Portugal.

According to the co-ordinator of the Via Algarviana, João Ministro, the Via Algarviana will take walkers between 15 to 20 days to complete, if they cover 15km a day. He also pointed out that the objective of the project is to promote rural development, and to create more activities related to eco-tourism.

The construction of the Via Algarviana is estimated to cost 388,000 euros, 70 per cent of which is funded by the community and the remainder by the câmaras involved.