Walk for the animals in Faro

Pet abandonment increases during the summer and at times of economic crisis.

With this in mind, animal welfare groups in Portugal are planning a special walk in Faro on August 14 to raise awareness about the need to respect animals and promote responsible adoption.

Following a dog walk held in Tavira on Sunday (read below), it is now the turn of the Algarve’s capital to host a similar event which starts at 10am from the Teatro Municipal in Faro.   Entitled 2 pernas por 4 patas (2 legs for 4 paws), the initiative puts out a plea to all pet owners to commit to never abandoning their pets.

The walk, which is open to everyone including pet owners and their pets, has been co-organised by Nowashow and AnimaLife, a social network set up in November 2010 for pet owners and animal lovers, and which already has 5,000 followers and works with 72 animal associations providing an online portal for them to list animals looking for homes.

A spokesman for AnimaLife told the Algarve Resident: “Our motto ‘I respect animals, how about you?’ reflects our commitment to giving a voice to all animals, to defend their rights and reach out to all pet owners and society at large.

“Every year thousands of animals die in Portugal victims of abuse and neglect, particularly in the summer months. This is a reality we want to change.”

Organisers had previously held two similar events, the first in Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto) in June and later in Lisbon in July.

Both were described as a success with hundreds of people and dogs taking part in the walks.

Participation fees cost €2 per person and walkers are advised to take hats, comfortable clothing and shoes and water for themselves and their pets.

For more information about the walk and to register, please visit [email protected].

Tickets can also be purchased in advance from Fnac or Worten stores.

For more information about AnimaLife, please visit