Walk against rare cancer

A walk to mark world cancer day is taking place in São Brás de Alportel on February 3 at 10am.

The event is being organised by the Association of Patients with Myelofibrosis in Portugal (APMP), based in Santa Bárbara de Nexe.

Myelofibrosis is a disorder of the bone marrow that affects the production of blood cells. It’s a chronic disease that creates an abnormal increase of fibre tissue in the bone marrow, stopping the production of other cells and leading to anaemia, weakness, weight loss and increases the size of the spleen and liver. One in 100,000 people suffer from this type of cancer. Registration costs €5 per person and includes a bottle of water and fruit. Proceeds will go towards APMP which supports people affected by myelofibrosis.

Meet by the in-road near the GNR station.